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Freelance Writer and Voiceover Artist in the Pacific Northwest

I’m a freelance writer who writes so you don’t have to!

Content has the power of a story. Good stories, written and spoken, make us pay attention. They surprise, entertain, engage, inform and motivate us.  I’m a passionate storyteller with many years experience in the fields of education, the environment, green lifestyle, outdoor recreation and adventure travel. I can help you connect to your audience by telling your unique story through web-content, newsletters, blog posts, reports, news and magazine articles.

I’m a voiceover artist who records so you can listen!

Effective voiceover brings a story to life. An authentic voice connects the listener to the narrative, creating emotion and igniting imagination. It can convince, spark interest, initiate change. Let my distinctive natural British accent provide compelling voiceover for your next documentary video, podcast, audio book, training video, commercial, video game.

My distinctive voice can tell your unique story, clearly, concisely, persuasively.

With 25 years experience


Working in public, private and non-profit sectors of education and environmental science, I have honed my storytelling skills. I can tell your story and deliver your message persuasively. I am skilled at disseminating information in a clear, concise, compelling way to engage and inform your audience. I am reliable, professional, responsive and will always deliver well-researched, grammatically correct content within your timeline.

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